The final four members of the Ant Hill Collective worked horizontally to create this zine based on our shared collective experience. The Ant Hill is a housing collective based in San Diego that started, thrived and ended over the the course of nearly five years. In the process of ending the Ant Hill, we wanted to leave behind a written legacy documenting its history, successes, failures and lessons learned that may be of some help to existing and prospective intentional communities. We have written this with the intention that the zine’s contained resources be used as a tool and reference guide for collectives seeking a more effective and coherent way of achieving sustainability. The Ant Hill represented a passion central to all our lives for a number of years, such that we are motivated to end it with a purpose – our most accurate account that reflects our years of efforts and our political theory and practice.

Coming out of the Ant Hill, we are a group of politically conscious individuals, radicals, feminists and rabble rousers. We seek freedom from wage slavery, liberation from oppression, good food from bad and diversity from dichotomy.

We are…

Lettuce Love Press
Lettuce can hyperextend her L joints, bends sentences with colorful toots and makes much loved metaphor with pigment pushed paper.

Potato Eye of the Tornado
Potato can lasso just about any biped whilst playing guitar…backwards.

Cucumber Mumbler Pots
Cucumber has a hard time deciphering facial expressions from far away but can turn thumbs into green and gloves into gold.

The Philosophies of Kale in Hail
Kale has a fascinating barba and can construct complex structures, both physically and theoretically. In the absence of essence, he is wanting.